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Agorafy is an open platform organizing and sharing real estate information in New York.

Our mission is to be the most accurate resource for commercial listings, residential listings, and property information, allowing users to make highly-informed decisions based on current market data.

We believe in creating value for real estate professionals by providing them with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Spend less time retrieving information and more time on closing deals.

At Agorafy you can:

  • Look-up and research every property in New York City, including on-market availabilities, owner information, and building, lot and public record details.
  • Create a Professional Profile to market yourself and your expertise to our users, which include owners, developers, investors, landlords, property managers, buyers, sellers, tenants and the public
  • Submit your exlusive listings with high resolution photos, tailored media, and accompanying marketing materials for broad market exposure
  • Take control and directly managing your listings
  • Never perform the same property search again with our subscription feature
  • Be the first to know of changes to listed spaces with update alerts
  • Print and save custom listing and property reports for your showings or tours
  • Register for Agorafy and access neighborhood market analytics
  • And much more!!!

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