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  • HAP Investments secures $94M construction loan for Tribeca condo project

    The Real Deal New York 24 May 2019 | 5:00 am

    HAP Investments’ first project in Tribeca is moving forward with more than $107 million in financing. The $94 million construction loan for the 41-unit condominium was provided by G4 Capital Partners, the same private lender that provided HAP with a $32 million loan to acquire the site back in February 2018. The three-year loan was paired with a $13.5 million mezzanine loan from New York City developer and lender Quinlan Development Group. HAP’s co-founder and […]

  • The North Fork’s no-nonsense market

    The Real Deal New York 24 May 2019 | 4:30 am

    It’s a good sign for the market when a listing kicks off a bidding war like the one that recently took place for a four-bedroom waterfront home near Orient Point. The end result was a closing price that was $400,000 above ask. Corcoran Group agent Sheri Winter Parker won the property at 1 Mulford Court for her clients — ultimately closing for $2.7 million after a three-day battle that sent the price 17 percent above […]

  • MAP: These are the projects permitted within the last year in NYC

    The Real Deal New York 24 May 2019 | 4:00 am

    Want to keep up with projects being constructed in New York City? Check out The Real Deal’s interactive construction map, which tracks projects that have received an initial permit between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. These projects can be new building, ground-up construction, or renovations.

  • Industry keeps up pressure as commission cap row rages

    Real Estate Weekly 24 May 2019 | 3:50 am

    A bill proposing capping the commission of New York’s rental agents could be “reframed” following backlash from the industry.


    “The cap is not dead yet, but they are looking to re-frame it,” said David Schlamm, president and founder of City Connections Realty. “They are getting backed into a corner because the bill was not well thought out. We are still working on defeating the bill.”

    OLR/Linecity president Jonathan Greenspan said he believed a number of sponsors of Intro. 1423 are re-thinking what he calls “a bad idea.”

    Greenspan said, “I am sure that the movement against this proposed legislation has forced some of the sponsors to look more closely at the entirety of the bill and the adverse effect that it would have on the residential industry.

    “The bill is squarely aimed at the individual rental agent, these are not the people that build skyscrapers. These people, many of them young, many of them in need of a second income, many of them attracted to the flexibility the industry offers, work strictly on a commission basis in a very competitive industry.

    “There is never a guarantee that any time or effort will lead to a successful transaction. This is not an industry for the faint of heart. This bill would be devastating for all involved.”

    Linecity is urging city agents to sign its online petition against the legislation and to lobby their own local council member directly to demand that they drop the proposal to cap their income.

    In his column in Real Estate Weekly last week, REBNY president John Banks said the board would continue to lobby against the “worrisome” proposal.

    “Putting a cap on this commission not only fails to recognize the work of the brokers and agents, but also paints all real estate agents as bad actors within the industry. This is far from true,” wrote Banks.


    “Let’s be clear: New York’s housing will not become more affordable by limiting the incomes of these hardworking individuals. Intro 1423 will do nothing more than put hardworking residential real estate agents out of business and drive up rents across the city.

    “REBNY will continue to advocate strongly against this proposal and we sincerely hope that members of the City Council will hear the voices of New Yorkers who would be negatively impacted by such a deeply flawed bill.

    Executives from most of New York leading firms have been active in their opposition, too.

    In a letter to Council member Power, Michael Greenberg, CEO and General Counsel at Level Group, fees charged by agents vary widely, and consumers have tremendous freedom to comparison shop.


    “Many agents today compete by offering their services for a month of rent or less, and many of those deals are co-brokered — meaning a single month’s rent — or less — is split among two or more agents and their firms.

    “As a result, rental agent incomes have fallen over time. An exodus from the field already is underway.

    “Like other members of New York’s work force, members of the real estate service economy already struggle to survive. Burdening them further will only contribute to the demise of one of the pillars of New York’s hard-working service economy.”


    In a statement to REW, Council Member Powers said, “This legislation is focused on making it easier to rent an apartment in a time when tenants face insurmountable fees. Upfront costs and fees create barriers when New Yorkers are finding a place to live and this legislation will open opportunities for affordability.

    “The legislation does not cap the broker’s commission – it caps the renter’s exposure to that fee. It is simply not sustainable that thousands of dollars are required upfront to live here, and I look forward to providing a form of relief for tenants.”

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  • Manhattan’s Average Asking Rents Declined Over the Last Couple of Months

    BrokerPulse 24 May 2019 | 3:43 am

    Luxury shop in Madison Avenue in Upper East Side of Manhattan. It is one of the richest neighborhood in the city with luxury boutiques.

    (NEW YORK, NY) — Good news brokers: average asking rents for available ground floor retail spaces have decreased over the last couple of months in 12 Manhattan corridors, according to the Real Estate Board of New York in a new report.

    Manhattan’s top retail corridors continue to experience declining rent values, the REBNY report finds, and subsequently, increased deal-making with tenants.

    #ColumbusAvenue on the #UpperWestSide experienced its third consecutive year-over-year decline in ground floor #retail average asking rent. #Storefront price corrections have been ongoing since 2015. #RetailReality #nycre

    — Real Estate Board NY (@REBNY) May 22, 2019

    125th Street in Harlem posted the largest year-over-year average asking rent increase of 10 percent, according to the report, which cites several new spaces west of Fifth Avenue that came to market at the end of 2018, where rents tend to be higher compared to the eastside.

    “Manhattan’s continued natural correction in retail rents is spurring deal-making across the borough’s top corridors as retailers reconsider new and existing ground floor spaces,” said John H. Banks, REBNY President.

    Banks notes industry experts have seen “declining rents fostering a healthier leasing environment as more space is being absorbed at a more affordable rate than seen in recent years.”

  • Pols tell Realtors: Make your voice heard

    Real Estate Weekly 24 May 2019 | 3:37 am

    Two of the nation’s most influential politicians have urged Realtors to stay active in local politics.

    Speaking at the National Association of Realtors 2019 Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo, former Governors Terry McAuliffe and Haley Barbour examined how policies implemented by state and local governments can impact regional real estate markets.

    “I can’t stress to you enough to make sure you stay active in local politics,” said McAuliffe. “Make sure your voices are continuing to be heard, and don’t let them come up with foolish legislation that can in any way impact the real estate industry in a negative way.”

    NAR’s 2019 Chair of Federal Legislative and Political Forum Adam Ruiz moderated a conversation with the two men during the Expo.


    “The number one issue facing America right now is housing affordability,” Ruiz told hundreds of Realtors and industry stakeholders at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. “The vast majority of regulatory costs that influence this issue come at the state and local level.”

    Barbour is the former Governor of Mississippi and the former Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association.

    In addition to serving as Virginia’s 72nd Governor, McAuliffe served as Chairman of both the National Governors Association and the Democratic National Committee.

    Governor Barbour reiterated concerns surrounding affordable housing shortages, and underscored that state and local governments must take the lead in promoting policies that create additional opportunities for aspiring homeowners.

    “The idea that the federal government’s solution is going to work everywhere is a crazy idea. The answer to this is in state and local government,” Governor Barbour said.

    Ruiz asked Governors McAuliffe and Barbour for their predictions on the 2020 elections, specifically addressing issues that will resonate next year and how the political environment is different today than it was in 2016.

    “We talk about Trump, and the biggest piece for him is going to be the economy,” Governor McAuliffe said.

    “We are now in our tenth year of economic recovery and growth, and that’s relatively unprecedented. But if you have a strong real estate business, you have a strong economy.”

    Governor Barbour noted that 18 presidents have run for reelection since 1900, with 13 securing another term. “That’s about 70 percent,” Governor Barbour continued. “If the [2020] election is about the economy, then I think that trend can hold.”

    Ruiz asked how Realtors can sure the value of real estate resonates in today’s political environment.

    “The real estate business is so powerful in politics because it touches everybody’s lives,” Virginia’s former Governor said. “Everything we do somehow has a connection to the real estate industry.”

    PHOTO TOP: Former governors Haley Barbour of Mississippi, left, and Terry McAuliffe of Virginia discussed the role that REALTORS® can have in local and national politics. via REALTOR Magazine

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  • Top 10 best places to buy a beach house

    Real Estate Weekly 24 May 2019 | 3:25 am

    When it comes to investing in a vacation rental property, there are many things to consider, but one thing is for certain: beachfront properties, or those near the ocean, never go out of style.

    Before you start scanning coastlines, there are a few things to think about — especially if you plan to use your new home as a short-term vacation rental.

    A new report from Vacasa, North America’s largest vacation rental company, has ranked vacation rental markets based on aggregate cap rate. Capitalization rate (referred to as cap rate by most) is the ratio of a property’s net operating income over its cost.

    To determine net operating income for the study, Vacasa first calculated gross rental income for each market. From there, they subtracted each market’s average operating costs — factoring in things like management fees and property tax rates. Finally, they divided those figures by the historical costs of buying a vacation rental to determine cap rates for each market.

    “Familiarizing yourself with cap rate will help you make a more informed choice when deciding where to buy a beach house,” according to Vacasa.
    Here are the top ten:

    • Ocean Shores, WA
      Topping the list is a small town on the coast of Washington State. Ocean Shores is known for its stretch of beaches and waterways, perfect for those seeking outdoor adventure in the Pacific Northwest. While the top item on travelers’ minds might be the opportunity to dig for clams in the Razor Clam capital of the West, Ocean Shores ranks #1 on our list for its strong cap rate of 7.6 percent.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
    This Atlantic coast gem is a popular Southeast vacation rental destination for its natural beauty and variety of activities. Myrtle Beach calls for swimming, sandcastles, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin cruises, so the region truly has something for everyone. There is a bounty of golf courses engineered by some of the world’s top golfers and architects, including Robert Trent Jones and Arnold Palmer. When searching in Myrtle Beach, look for vacation rental properties that are near water of any kind; oceanfront and channel-front homes are going to generate the most income. A boat dock is also a major plus for potential renters who want to take full advantage of the ocean blue. Myrtle Beach median home price is $249,999 and the Cap rate is 7.4 percent.

    Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    Panama City Beach in Northwest Florida is a popular vacation destination for those in the South and the Midwest, ensuring a steady stream of vacationers throughout the year. A surge of development meant fewer historic homes and more high-rises, but PCB remains high on the real estate investment list. Roughly 30 miles northwest lies one of Travel + Leisure’s top five favorite towns in America, Santa Rosa Beach. The median home price for PCB is $419,900 and the Cap rate is 6.1 percent.

    Gulf Shores, AL
    Positioned on the Florida/Alabama state line, Gulf Shores has a variety of features that draw visitors and potential vacation rental guests to the area. Gulf Shores is a year-round destination and vacation rental bookings remain high. In this area, there’s a vacation home for everyone. While median home price sits around $400,000, explore your options—a condo property could yield the returns you are seeking, but so could a three-bedroom home. The Cap rate is 5.8 percent.

    Galveston Island and Port Bolivar, TX
    When buying a vacation rental on Galveston Island, you better learn the lingo. Both “BOI” (born on the island) residents and “IBC” (islander by choice) residents take pride in living on the island. In both cases, locals welcome tourists, and while there are plenty of hotels on the island, vacation rentals reign supreme. With a median home price hovering around $300,000, vacation home buyers should not only act on available properties quickly, but check them out for themselves. Galveston homes bring bright colors and interesting architecture, which make for great vacation rental listing photos. The same goes for Port Bolivar, which lies just north across the water. Median home prices are $329,900. Cap rate is 5.6 percent.

    Kauai, HI
    Travelers flock from around the world to experience the inherent beauty of the islands and to take part in a myriad of activities and sightseeing opportunities. The Aloha State has been a dream place to invest for decades, but what makes Kauai so unique is its cap rate, which is typically around 5.4 percent. While there are regulations to consider, a two-bedroom vacation condo is a commonly sought-after accommodation among travelers, and most condos near the ocean are vacation-rental-friendly. All homes on the North Shore area of Princeville are zoned for short-term vacation rental stays. The median home price is $696,028.

    Ocean City, MD
    Ocean City has been on the “best beaches in America” list for years. Vacation home buyers in this market should keep one thing in mind: water. While Ocean City has a diverse inventory of vacation homes, being near the ocean or the bay is key in driving bookings. Can’t swing it? A pool or boardwalk access will help increase your stays. The median home price $285,900. Cap rate 5.4 percent.

    Key West, FL
    This tropical paradise, known for breathtaking sunsets and spectacular reefs, is also home to world-class kayaking and scuba diving. The vibrant nightlife and local fare also add to the draw of the area. The vacation home inventory in Key West is diverse but holds a steady cap rate at five percent. Median home price $788,500. Cap rate 5.0 percent.

    Marathon to Long Key, FL
    The Florida Keys are the perfect place to truly unwind. Located square in the middle of the island chain, you can find Marathon on the other end of the famous Seven Mile Bridge. There, travelers can indulge in every water sport imaginable—from paddleboarding and fishing to diving and snorkeling. Vacation rentals between Marathon and Long Key are plentiful, so if you’re looking to stand out and get the most on your vacation home investment, look for a pool, a deck, or a dock. Median home price $619,900. Cap rate 4.9 percent.

    Cocoa Beach, FL
    One of the most affordable beach destinations in Florida, Cocoa Beach lures travelers with unique activities and experiences. With Disney World just an hour away, search for homes with multiple bedrooms and large spaces for families to relax after a day of exploring. The median home price is $339,000 and the Cap rate is 4.7 percent.

    There are two primary reasons to invest in a beach house: for personal use or for investment purposes. If you are more focused on ROI, choosing the market with the best cap rate is more likely to garner the returns you’re seeking.

    If you want to use the home for family vacations, take a look at markets within a two-hour drive from home.

    While relaxing on the sand may sound like a dream for most, it’s not everyone’s perfect vacation. Be sure to check out local restaurants and entertainment options.

    When it comes to buying a beach house, not all real estate agents are created equal.

    Find an agent who has insights on vacation rental markets and the necessary data to support your purchase, so you can make the most informed investment.

    The post Top 10 best places to buy a beach house appeared first on Real Estate Weekly.

  • Hotel Development Tycoon Retires From Real Estate

    BrokerPulse 23 May 2019 | 7:23 am

    (NEW YORK, NY) — A change in New York hotel zoning is turning Sam Chang away from his prominent McSam Hotel Group to a new hobby: pigeon racing.

    After a zoning amendment, approved by the New York City Planning Commission last year, took 45 percent of as-of-right land away from hotel developers, Chang told the Wall Street Journal he will revisit his childhood hobby of racing homing pigeons in Taiwan.

    Painted racing pigeons

    The hotelier will also reduce his hotel holdings from 31 to 10.

    The hotel rezoning was part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to re-energize manufacturing in the city, according to The Real Deal, likely the result of union lobbying weary of an unchecked rise in hotels with non-union staff. Chang, whose line of hotels employed non-union staff, frequently found himself at odds with hotel trades.

    The McSam Hotel Group has opened more than 70 hotels in New York City, and sold 50 of them, according to The Real Deal.

    “It’s always been my dream to own a hotel on Fifth Avenue,” Chang told the Journal.

  • Social media is becoming more and more important in the real estate world: here’s what you need to do for successful listings

    BrokerPulse 22 May 2019 | 7:48 pm

    (MARKETING) — As soon as you search, “Instagram real estate,” on Google, numerous web links with titles like, “18 inspiring real estate Instagram accounts to follow,” pop up.

    Instagram has very much become a shopping site, with independent clothes designers and various other businesses showcasing their products and services through the social media platform.


    View this post on Instagram


    There is no place like home. How you feel about your space matters in every way. You need to make it your own. It’s not about size or price point it’s something intangible. I spend most of my days in other people’s homes and it has made me acutely aware of the energy a home has. Some listings I walk into and I just feel relaxed, like I can breathe or sometimes inspired. Some I just want to linger there after a showing and finish my iced coffee/catch up on emails. I spend so much time focused on other people’s homes I can forget my home and how good it can make me feel. So after a long weekend of spring cleaning, I’m taking a moment on this Monday to just sit in my home in my foyer, which is randomly one of my favorite rooms, and take in the space I created.

    A post shared by Allison L. Chiaramonte (@allilovesnyc) on

    And real estate has become another big baller in the social media game. For many, once you start looking for houses and start following brokers or agencies, sooner or later you will receive following requests from other real estate accounts.

    In 2018, The National Association of Realtors published a profile of where buyers found the home they purchased, and 50% of people found their houses online.

    This is no surprise, because approximately 84% of real estate professionals are now using social media to showcase their listings.

    But unfortunately, many brokers aren’t using social media to their full advantage. Although posting videos on Youtube and Instagram gain a lot of traction, only 12% of members of the industry have Youtube accounts, and Instagram is still yet to be one of the top social media sites brokers use, with Facebook and Twitter being the top that they use.

    According to Forbes real estate contributor Amanda Lauren, Allison Chiaramonte of Warburg Realty in New York nearly sold an apartment through a video on Instagram.

    Allison Chiaramonte’s Instagram is filled with great photos of new listings that help her make a sale.

    “I took a video tour on Instagram of a Tribeca listing that had a unique interior, arches, and original factory details. A friend of a friend reached out to see the apartment via an Instagram direct message. She didn’t end up buying the apartment, but she did make a real offer,” Chiaramonte explained to Lauren.

    The benefits of posting real estate listing videos on social media should be tempting enough though, since 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do video.

    Hopefully, many brokers will now decide to fire up their video camera.

  • Living In: Asbury Park, N.J.: A Seaside Community Reborn

    NYT > Real Estate 15 May 2019 | 2:01 am

    The once-desolate oceanfront resort is being restored and rebuilt. But some worry that threatens the quirky energy that made it unique.

  • Square Feet: Visit Times Square? These Projects Want You to Experience It

    NYT > Real Estate 14 May 2019 | 4:36 pm

    TSX Broadway, which will a feature a theater, a hotel, a shopping center and an outdoor stage, is the latest effort by developers to lure visitors.

  • Living In ... Asbury Park, N.J.

    NYT > Real Estate 14 May 2019 | 12:48 pm

    The once-desolate oceanfront resort is being restored and rebuilt. But some worry that threatens the quirky energy that made the city unique.

  • Anna Faris Has Sold the Hollywood Hills Retreat She Shared With Chris Pratt

    Real Estate – Observer 14 Aug 2018 | 4:01 pm

    But the home didn't bring in quite the haul she was hoping for.

  • Joe Jonas Doesn’t Want Cake by His Sherman Oaks House

    Real Estate – Observer 14 Aug 2018 | 9:14 am

    He's listing the home for $4.25 million.

  • Summer Aboard a Boat: The Cheaper Version of a Vacation Home With Way Better Views

    Real Estate – Observer 10 Aug 2018 | 3:30 am

    Tired of your current location? With a boat as a summer home you can pick up and sail to Martha's Vineyard, Montauk or Maine.

  • Mannequin maker shifts to new showroom space

    Real Estate Deal Watch - Crain's New York Business 1 Feb 2016 | 9:00 pm

    Midtown / Park Ave. South - A company that manufactures and provides mannequins to retailers across the city is moving its midtown south showroom a few blocks away. Mondo Mannequins leased 4,500...

    To view the full story, click the title link.

  • Deal Preserves Apartments’ Affordability for 55 Years

    Multi-Housing News Online 30 Oct 2015 | 5:11 am

    Photo credit:

    Photo credit:

    By Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor

    Pacifica, Calif.—Ocean View Senior Apartments has traded hands, with National Church Residences selling the property to Bridge Housing for an unspecified price. The transaction will preserve Ocean View as an affordable housing property for seniors in Pacifica and pave the way for new capital improvements.

    In 2000, National Church Residences acquired the 100-unit Ocean View at the request of the City of Pacifica, with the goal of sustaining the property’s affordability. Since then, the nonprofit provided property management at Ocean View and raised funds for roof replacement and other improvements. Most recently, National Church Residences had been pursuing a refinancing of Ocean View to repay two maturing loans and address capital needs.

    Bridge will start renovations next month with new financing in place. That includes tax-exempt bonds, additional funding through California Housing Finance Agency, restructuring of existing debt with the San Mateo County and the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust, and the addition of low-income housing tax-credit equity.

    The planned renovations will replace aging building elements with more efficient and higher-performing alternatives; restore and enhance the physical condition of the building; and, according to Bridge, enhance residents’ quality of life. The recapitalization also provides funding to enhance on-site services. Residents will have access to programs such as wellness and nutrition classes and referral services, without charge.

    All current residents will be able to remain in their units for the long term, and new deed restrictions have been placed on the property to ensure rent restrictions will continue for 55 years. Ocean View is affordable to seniors whose annual incomes range from about $14,928 to $84,500 (minimum income standard to 80 percent of area median income, depending on household size), though 31 apartments will have additional subsidy provided by the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo.

  • Suburban Dallas Apartments Up for Sale

    Multi-Housing News Online 30 Oct 2015 | 4:55 am

    By Adriana Pop, Associate Editor

    Dallas—Greysteel has been retained as exclusive advisor and agent for the sale of The Lakeshore, a 140-unit garden-style multifamily community in the Northwest Dallas suburb of Lake Dallas, Texas.

    The Lakeshore in Lake Dallas, Texas

    The Lakeshore in Lake Dallas, Texas

    Completed in 2015, the property offers 40 one-bedroom/one-bathroom units at 763 square feet, 36 two-bedroom/two-bathroom units at 1,080 square feet, 40 two-bedroom/two-bathroom units at 1,091 square feet, and 24 three-bedroom/two-bathroom units at 1,311 square feet.

    The community is conveniently located along Swisher Road, a high traffic thoroughfare which provides ideal accessibility to Interstate 35E, Dallas-Fort-Worth’s main north and south artery. Residents at The Lakeshore also benefit from the property’s proximity to the University of North Texas in Denton, which is educating over 36,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level students. Another attraction is the nearby Lewisville Lake, which features 183 miles of shoreline along with over 29,600 acres of navigable waters that offer a multitude of activities.

    Unit interiors feature wood-look vinyl flooring, ceiling fans, brushed nickel fixtures, walk-in closets, a desk nook with cabinetry, private balconies and patios with storage, washer and dryer connections, and black appliance packages with microwaves. Exterior amenities include a resort-style swimming pool, fitness center, business center, clubhouse, theater, BBQ grilling area, and garages.

    Greysteel’s multifamily investment sales team in charge with the assignment is led by Boyan Radic, Doug Banerjee, Andrew Mueller, and Ryan Hill.

    “The Lakeshore is one of only two Class A developments in the City of Lake Dallas in the past 10 years and the design was done by award winning BGO Architects along with the landscaping designed by Meeks Design Group (MDG),” Doug Banerjee, Greysteel director, said. “This property will allow a new buyer to come in and acquire a brand new asset on the highly trafficked Swisher Road extremely close to Lewisville Lake, which makes it a very desirable location for years to come.”

  • C&W Finds Buyer for Villas at Pine Hills

    Multi-Housing News Online 30 Oct 2015 | 3:21 am

    By Balazs Szekely, Associate Editor

    Villas at Pine Hills

    Villas at Pine Hills

    The Villas at Pine Hills multifamily community was recently sold. SCR Properties 3 LLC closed on the acquisition of the 96-unit property in a transaction valued at $5.85 million. Executive Director Jay Ballard and Senior Director Ken Delvillar with Cushman & Wakefield represented the seller, Villas at Pine Hills Partnership.

    Located on a 16.5-acre site at 5249 Champagne Circle in Orlando, Villas at Pine Hills is surrounded by a densely populated garden suburb northwest of the city’s core. Ridgewood Park Elementary and the Maynard Evans High School are both within walking distance from the community, which also offers easy access to a number of shopping and dining destinations. Completed in 1984, the community comprises two-bedroom, two-bathroom duplexes measuring 980 square feet. Each unit features a private driveway, direct access garage, a fenced patio and washer and dryer connections.

    Photo credit: Cushman & Wakefield

  • Ad firm takes a second floor in midtown south building

    Real Estate Deal Watch - Crain's New York Business 28 Sep 2015 | 10:00 pm

    Midtown / Park Ave. South - Lowe & Partners Worldwide is doubling its space at 386 Park Ave. South a year and half after signing a deal to move into the building. The advertising firm is taking the...

    To view the full story, click the title link.

  • Upper West Side goes upscale with new caviar bar

    Real Estate Deal Watch - Crain's New York Business 22 Sep 2015 | 10:00 pm

    Upper West Side - A 14-year-old caviar purveyor is expanding. Olma Caviar Boutique & Bar, which operates a location at Todd English’s Plaza Hotel Food Hall, has signed on for its first freestanding...

    To view the full story, click the title link.


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